If the task is too difficult, the hunt isn’t fun

It takes a lot of practice and effort to develop the ability to write excellent clues. A great treasure hunt is tough enough to force you to think and make you struggle but not be too challenging and making the treasure hunters to fight too long and quit. Remember that a treasure hunt is concerned with the hunting. Sure, the prize is lovely however, the treasure hunts that people love the most are due to the hunt. Think of the many treasure hunt films. If they went right to where the treasure is,, would it have been a lot of fun. Not at all. If you’re planning to offer somebody a prize, you can simply present them with the award. If you’re planning to make an exciting treasure hunt, concentrate on the hunt, do not think with the prizes.

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Now that we’ve talked about how crucial it is to provide fun, interesting clues, let’s provide you with some suggestions for how to write clues. Like we said be aware of the difficultness in the puzzle. If they are too easy, the hunt doesn’t have any fun However, if the task is too difficult, the hunt isn’t fun too. Sometimes, it is easy to create clues that aren’t difficult. The clues that are evident to you because you know where to find your next hint or treasure , is often not obvious to treasure hunter. It can often make sense once you have explained itto them, however, they might be looking at the clue from a completely different direction.

In the end, whether or not rhyme is the issue. It is not necessary to rhyme your clues however I have noticed that people love ones that rhyme. They appear to be more “movie like” and just adds fun on the questions.

Another suggestion for writing clues is to add clues within the clue. It is important to capitalize certain words that they must focus on or words that have double meanings that can help to solve the puzzle. The most successful clues are typically rather complex, and not always difficult to solve however they are complex in their words and the way each word aids the hunter to solve the puzzle.

Another strategy I employ for writing down clues to attempt to make them web accessible. I learned this while viewing National Treasure. I always thought it was amusing that, even though Ian only had a small portion of the clue it was possible to type some key words into Google to see if the solution would pop up. Most of the time, I’ll try to make a challenging clue search engine friendly, which means when they type the correct word into an engine it could be that the answer will appear.

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